Community Connections During COVID-19

Check out these Locally Sourced resources and activities:


Emergency Community Support – Call for Applications: United Way Niagara is now accepting applications for the Emergency Community Support Fund to help charities and non-profit organizations serve and support vulnerable Canadians during COVID-19 pandemic.  Click Here for more information

Local Food Week: Traditionally Ontario Food Markets celebrate Local Food Week the first week of June.  Click Here for information on how Local Food Week is still being celebrated this year. Click Here to find a Farmer Markets near you.

Safari Niagara: New Wild Adventure Drive-Thru:  Take a tour around the Zoo from the comfort of your own car with your very own Zoo keeper commentary to learn about animals as you pass through the variety of Zoogeographic areas. Click Here to buy tickets.

Pathstone Mental Health: is now open for face to face consultation. Click Here to find out times and restrictions for each location. Also Click Here  for your mental health tool kit on talking to children about all of the changes and cancellations.

Resources francophone pour vous et nos familles Cliquez ici

Niagara Community Garden Network Click Here for resources on how to start a garden, planting your garden, dealing with pests and disease in your garden and how to use the produce from your garden.


Things to do to keep you and your children busy while you are at home:


Child celebrating their birthday? Click Here for tips on How to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday While Social Distancing

  • For those living in Fort Erie: Fort Erie Fire Department would like to help you celebrate your child’s birthday (age 2 to 10) by delivering Birthday Bags to your house.  Call 905-871-1600 x 5600 or email if you live in the Fort Erie area to request yours.

Simply Well-balanced Click Here for 15 Fun Games for Kids to Play with Friends on Video Chat

Adventure in Familyhood: Click Here for 20 Virtual Field Trips to Take with Your Kids

6 Clever Sisters: Click Here for some new backyard activities for kids or Click Here  for Indoor Games for When You’re Running Out of Ideas!

Canada’s Wonderland: Click Here  for activities to motivate your children to be creative inspired by Canada's Wonderland

TVO Kids: Click Here for preschool videos, activities and games or Click Here for School age videos, games and live shows. 

Help! we’ve got kids: Click Here for Experiments That Make At-Home Science Class Fun or Shake Up Your Routine With These 6 Fun At-Home Events Click Here

True North Sports Camp Click Here Since they are not currently running any programs, they will upload weekly activities that families could do on their own. Each week they will add drills, games and activities that can either be performed in order or you can pick and choose the activity based on your child’s interests.

GoNoodle: Click Here free online resource that provides tons of ways for kids and families to be active, stay mindful, and keep on learning