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Ensure you are always getting the latest Covid-19 information from Canada, Ontario or Niagara dependable sites.  (Facebook Friends are NOT reliable information sources)


Niagara Region Public Health Daily Covid-19 Updates: Click Here

Niagara Region Community Resources:  is working with the community to ensure residents are connected to resources, services, programs and support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click Here

Ontario Government Covid-19 Update Page:  Click Here  français: Cliquez ici  (this site has the information available in many other languages)

Health Canada Covid-19 Update Page: Click Here  français:  Cliquez ici

211 – inCommunities: Has a mandate to Strengthening communities by bringing people and services together.  Click Here  to check out many valuable resource links.   français: Cliquez ici

Click Here to check out the interpretation service that is available for many other languages

Click Here  for Key telephone contacts related to Covid-19

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Supports for families:


Face Mask/PPE: The proper use of face masks has been in the news a lot lately.  This week we would like to ensure you received the most credible and up to date information regarding the proper use of face masks and other PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).

Public Health Ontario: Proper Procedure for PPE’s

  • Click Here for video on putting on one piece face mask
  • Click Here  to view video on hand washing procedure *Please note that Niagara Region Public Health indicates that handwashing should take at least 20 seconds
  • Click Here to view video on using alcohol rubs*Please note that Niagara Region Public Health indicates that when using hand sanitizer you need to rub until hands are dry.
  • Click Here  to view a video on putting on gloves and Click Here  for removing the gloves.
  • Click Here to view the video: Is the glam worth the grime? Hand hygiene for health care professionals.

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention:  Click Here for information on the use of cloth face coverings

Locally produced Cloth Masks: Eco Chic (by Links for Greener Learning): is a social enterprise that provides a self-employment opportunity for New Canadian women who, due to language or status barriers, might not be able to currently work in a traditional job. The money from their products goes directly to the women and they use donated fabrics and supplies which also diverts these materials from landfill. They are currently making cloth masks for only $3 per mask.